Diamond trees

Pandanus candelabrum diamond tree

A plant that has similar roots to a mango tree, has been suggested as growing only on kimberlite pipes. Does the Pandanus candelabrum plant show where diamonds may be found in Africa? Is this natural electroculture, natures electric fertilizer? a thorny plant with stilt-like aerial roots seems to be an indicator species for diamond-bearing kimberlite …

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Plasma mineral and diamond pipes

pipes diamond lamproite kimberlite breccia formation

Does this diveflyfish experiment show one possible plasma geology explanation for diamond producing lamproite pipes, kimberlite pipes and other types of pipes such as breccia pipes? Plasma pipe experiment Quartz pipes and mineral pipes The Argyle AK1 Pipe (lamproite pipes) is mined for diamonds. Other mineral pipes seem to produce or be the origin for …

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Lamproite barramundi

Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe

The Argyle diamond pipe is what geology calls a lamproite pipe or a lamproite volcanic pipe. Most diamond mines are located on a kimberlite pipe. The Argyle diamond mine pipe is also the reverse of kimberlite diamond pipes, it has low grade diamonds but the lamproite diamondiferous ore has the highest density of these diamonds …

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Diamond formation events witnessed by Aboriginals? Geology evidence?

Is there geological evidence that Australian Aboriginal clans witnessed the instant formation of diamonds in two different areas separated by 100 miles? Both locations that were geological surprisingly to have diamonds. The famous Argyle diamond mine and the Kununurra area with its still mysterious local diamond source. Local Aborigine Miriuwung (Miriwoong) and Gidja Dreaming Time …

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Diamonds created by plasmoids? (Free video)

plasmoids diamonds

Did Australian Aboriginals watch a plasmoid create the diamonds at the Argyle diamond mine and then witness it again at Kununurra? Louis Hissink, a former ‘Diamond’ geologist with DeBeers, after personally seeing the physical evidence combined with hearing the specific Aboriginal mythology, is convinced that the Aboriginal’s ancestors witnessed the Electric Universe plasma events that …

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