Diamond mysteries

Earth’s ultralow-velocity zones

Earth ultralow-velocity zones ULVZ

Earth has ultralow-velocity zones (ULVZs) deep underground, where sound waves travel slower through. One of them under Iceland is horizontal cigar shaped, not vertical. with sophisticated computer models that use the waves from large earthquakes to create CT scan–like tomographic pictures of Earth’s interior … The picture gets cloudier in the lower mantle, where the …

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Are eclogitic diamonds formed where they are found?

eclogitic diamond stability zones

Evidence from an eclogitic diamond suggests that one diamond was formed over billions of years in those diamond zones. The Botswana diamonds inclusions include organic carbon material (eclogitic) with inclusions near the centre dated as over 2 billions years old and below its surface a garnet crystal from over 250 million years ago. How does …

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Lamproite barramundi

Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe

The Argyle diamond pipe is what geology calls a lamproite pipe or a lamproite volcanic pipe. Most diamond mines are located on a kimberlite pipe. The Argyle diamond mine pipe is also the reverse of kimberlite diamond pipes, it has low grade diamonds but the lamproite diamondiferous ore has the highest density of these diamonds …

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Diamond formation events witnessed by Aboriginals? Geology evidence?

Is there geological evidence that Australian Aboriginal clans witnessed the instant formation of diamonds in two different areas separated by 100 miles? Both locations that were geological surprisingly to have diamonds. The famous Argyle diamond mine and the Kununurra area with its still mysterious local diamond source. Local Aborigine Miriuwung (Miriwoong) and Gidja Dreaming Time …

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Instantly formed diamonds evidence

instant formed diamonds minerals evidence

Instantly formed diamonds evidence has been found and commented on by geologists but with the caveat that it ‘looks like’ the diamonds had to be formed instantly as it could not possibly be otherwise, could it? The Russian Udachnaya diamond has 30000 perfect tiny diamonds in a tight strip through the ore. Also in the …

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