David Rohl

Doppelgänger History

Doppelgänger Doubles history Immanuel Velikovsky

Are the double myths of similar mighty Kings and events but in different era’s and civilisations the result of standard chronology being incorrect?

David Rohl suggests ” Nimrod and Enmerkar (Sumerian king list) were same person. Both great kings and hunters, alive one generation after Noah’s Flood, both built a city called Uruk/Erech. ”

Are there Doppelgangers in history, 100’s or 1000’s of years apart? Or have the same God Kings and their mythical hero feats been replicated and doubled up in our western timelines? But how could this happen?

New chronology babble

David Rohl new Egyptian chronology

The possibility of a different and new Egyptian chronology and therefore the worlds timeline of our history, is mentioned in a 2015 documentary. In The Tower of Babel episode of the Secrets of the Bible the Egyptologist and (former?) SIS member, David Rohl’s New Chronology is used to date his investigation and findings on the …

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