Dating techniques

Your’s was a bad date, mine was a catastrophe

catastrophic dates

Transformation of chemical elements, due to solar plasma storm waves, might change dating results for specific techniques. Traces of an enormous solar storm that battered the atmosphere and showered Earth in radioactive particles more than 2,500 years ago have been discovered under the Greenland ice sheet. Scientists studying ice nearly half a kilometre beneath the …

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Shoehominim theories

shoehorning theories theory

Shoehorning the interpretations of data to fit and create acceptable conclusions and theories? The discovery of a butchered rhino has led scientists to conclude early humans were in the Philippines as far back as 700,000 years ago… The excavation proves early humans colonised the Philippines hundreds of thousands of years earlier than previously believed, though …

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England’s 800,000 years old footprints

Happisburgh footprints

Happisburgh in Norfolk, England has some of the strangest and oldest group of footprints ever found. The British Museum’s Project Happisburgh has certainly in theory found the oldest preserved trackways in Britain and also out of Africa, nearly one million years old. The footprints are more than 800,000 years old and were found on the …

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Instant footilization

humanoid human footprints fossilised

Ancient preserved footprints or instant fozzilisation of footprints? How can ancient human footprints have been fossilized in mud? How can pre history hominin or humanoid footprints have been fossilised in material and still survive to this day? Even though the total population of pre history humans would not be comparable to modern numbers it is …

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Volcano geology and chronology revision

chronology myths volcano revision evidence

How young or recent are some catastrophic events even if all the geology evidence suggests they were pre historic events? Especially when recorded in ancient verbal mythology by the local civilisations? Geology suggested that the most recent Nabukelevu volcano eruption was 50,000 years ago. Local mythology suggested more recent volcanic activity and eruptions. But this …

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