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Witzsche’s plasma astrophysics and planet’s plasma cores

Rolf Witzsche plasma core planets Earth

Rolf Witzsche video’s exploring his theories on plasma cosmology and planets having a plasma core. Witzsche has scheduled his YouTube video’s for everyday over the 2019 Christmas period, finishing on New Years Day. They start daily at 23:00 GMT (UK time) and 18:00 EST (USA time). Evidence in Plasma Astrophysics suggest that the core of …

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Not redshift but Rebershift?

Grote Reber

Some astronomers disagree with the blueshift and redshift theory. Halton Arp, Fritz Zwicky and Grote Reber were some of the more famous and infamous scientists who proposed or investigated alternative interpretations and theories. Grote Reber was virtually the father and mother to the birth of radio astronomy. He suggested that forward scattering (Fritz Zwicky’s Tired …

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