convergent evolution

First giant growth spurts

Relatively ultra rapid dinosaur growth and dinosaurs had monstrous bird like multiple lung sacks? Could they have grown ultra quickly during their lifetime due to a different environment? Higher or lower atmospheric pressure… smaller strength of gravity? Could these particular lessemsaurids dinosaurs have been transformed during an electromagnetic evolutionary event? Or altered when in embryonic …

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Frilled you made it after all these years

Prehistoric sharks life alive today

A dinosaur era frilled shark (same species fossil remains dated to the dinosaur/Cretaceous age) has been captured and then examined by scientists. Referred to by the Portuguese scientists as a ‘living fossil’ the frilled shark has remained virtually unchanged since this species shared the planet with dinosaurs. Remains of Chlamydoselachus anguineus have been dated back …

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Out on a limb

drepanosaurus divergent evolution convergent evolution forelimb anteaters

Out on an evolutionary limb with divergent evolution and convergent evolution theories producing similar physical characteristic? The Drepanosaurus fossil shows a relatively massive and unique forearm for tetrapods. But this large utensil is also present in modern day anteaters including the pygmy anteater. The tetrapod forelimb is one of the most versatile structures in vertebrate …

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