Comets are asteroids

Ryugu asteroid or comet?

Ryugu asteroids or comets?

Another spacecraft will land on an asteroid or comet surface and this time hopefully bring back sub surface material from explosive mining. Are they mostly just different classes of the same object based on their rock compositions and orbits? Will asteroids and comets have similar surface material? Is asteroid Ryugu the same as any comet …

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Water asteroids, what are asteroids?

asteroids 2004 EW95 water Vesta

Another Kuiper Belt asteroid discovered with, in theory, only what can be water transformed physical features, to go along with the mighty Vesta. Asteroid 2004 EW95 is a very unusual carbon KBO but scientific analysis has suggested clay on its surface as well as other watery minerals. Water on asteroids, what are asteroids? Most objects …

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Comet 67P dust devil

comet 67/P jets

Great photograph of a dusty water jet on comet 67p. Or a dust devil or even a dusty plasma devil? So full of material is this dust jet that it forms a shadow on the comets rocky surface. A plume of dust from Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, seen by ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft on 3 July 2016, provided …

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Tailless comet

comets with no tail tailless comet

Comets are asteroids with higher electrical potential difference? Evidence with K2 comet having a relatively supermassive coma but still freezing cold as further than Saturn from the Suns heat. Also, no cometary tail. Will the active asteroid (comet) produce a cometary tail as its potential difference increases as it gets closer to our plasma star? …

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Mars Express Electric Delivery System

Amazing coincidences or a Mars electric delivery system? Comet Siding Spring (C/2013 A1) travels to intersect the orbit of Mars Maximum dusty plasma (dust storms) for Mars surface atmosphere layer Temporary extra electrically conductive Martian atmospheric layer created Crazy sunspot action, highest for 24 years on our stars plasma surface Sun CMEs, plasma flares flow …

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