Comets are asteroids

Interstellar Crusher

Interstellar Crusher

Interstellar Crusher. What a name! What is it? It has to be cool whatever it is? Interstellar Crusher is a custom Python3 code running on Windows Subsystem for Linux. It continuously monitors the Possible Comet Confirmation Page and computes orbits of newly discovered minor bodies using Bill Gray’s Find_Orb ( abe3f5847aad4c39f1d82239bf343c876b3d1bd0). Detection of a possible …

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Rosetta’s plasma shock takes a bow

Rosetta bow shock plasma

Comets can have very different size and shape bow shocks, plasma and magnetispheres. Rosetta’s scientists could not find a bow shock far away from the active asteroid 67P and finally found weird things much closer to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Did they observe the formation of a cometary bow shock? Was it already there? Significant changes to …

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Electromagnetically accelerating comets/asteroids

The mysterious Oumuamua, the comet/asteroid/comet that astronomy suggests is a visitor to our solar system, has been calculated as accelerating away from us and the Sun. Science theory suggests it has to be by gases emitted from its surface due to sublimation, although magnetic acceleration as a possible option was considered. Could Oumuamua be accelerating …

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