Comet 67p

Rosetta’s plasma shock takes a bow

Rosetta bow shock plasma

Comets can have very different size and shape bow shocks, plasma and magnetispheres. Rosetta’s scientists could not find a bow shock far away from the active asteroid 67P and finally found weird things much closer to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Did they observe the formation of a cometary bow shock? Was it already there? Significant changes to …

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Comet 67P dust devil

comet 67/P jets

Great photograph of a dusty water jet on comet 67p. Or a dust devil or even a dusty plasma devil? So full of material is this dust jet that it forms a shadow on the comets rocky surface. A plume of dust from Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, seen by ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft on 3 July 2016, provided …

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Electrochemical comets

Electrochemical comets 67p

The electrical nature (electromagnetic, electrochemical etc) of comet phenomena is a prediction of the Electric Universe theory. Missions to comets have shown amazing geology and surprising chemical results. The European Space Agency Rosetta mission to Comet 67p especially so. With ice/water being one of the main mysteries and the other being that of oxygen molecules …

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Janet! Dr Scott? Janet! Brad? Rocky!

comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko boulders rocks geomorphology cliffs

Dirty snowball, boulders! Dust, boulders, icy dirtball? Dust, large boulders, rocky? Cliffs, snowy dirtballs, fragmentation of boulders! Small boulders, dust, rocky iceball? Weathering of boulders, rock falls from cliffs, deep fried ice cream, ice boulders? Over 3000 large boulders found so far on comet 67p‘s surface! Boulder fields, icy small Solar System body? Sublimating ice …

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Why Nebula comet theory failed

comets look like surface predictions 67p rosetta

The finding of oxygen molecules around comet 67P suggests that both comet theory and the Nebula Hypothesis it came from are wrong (and the theories like the Big Bang, theory of gravity etc they came from?). Before that they were already in trouble with comets turning out to be rocky and not dirty snowballs. So …

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