Diamonds created by plasmoids? (Free video)

plasmoids diamonds

Did Australian Aboriginals watch a plasmoid create the diamonds at the Argyle diamond mine and then witness it again at Kununurra? Louis Hissink, a former ‘Diamond’ geologist with DeBeers, after personally seeing the physical evidence combined with hearing the specific Aboriginal mythology, is convinced that the Aboriginal’s ancestors witnessed the Electric Universe plasma events that …

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Iron Mountains and iron ore geology

iron mountain

There are a surprising amount of mountains in the world called Iron Mountain, with some associated mining towns often referred locally to their precious commodity. There are Ore Mountains containing iron and other metal bearing rocks. To show how normal mountain ranges made of iron rock are even Tolkien’s Middle Earth had an Iron Mountain …

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Planet Amnesia evidence


There is a theory that humans have blocked out the Doomsday events or world wide catastrophes that have struck planet Earth a number of times in our history. But how could such massive physical events be forgotten by nearly everyone? Is this a significant argument or evidence debunking Immanuel Velikovsky and Electric Universe catastrophism? How …

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Not Out of Africa

evolution electromagnetic catastrophe electric universe theory

Is the human story of ‘Out of Africa’ theory finally completely dead? And other theories based on that including human evolution? Another research article or find showing that Neanderthals and modern humans were interbreeding way before ever anticipated by theories. And this latest report is an absolute monster with its implications. If early humans were …

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Electric Universe theory debunked? List of articles, science evidence etc.

electric universe theory debunked EU arguments evidence against

Is the Electric Universe theory debunked … EU pseudoscience poppycock? List and links to ALL the EU is wrong articles, websites, discussions of scientific evidence. Includes Tim Thompson and those missing solar neutrinos, Michael Shermer, Brian Koberlein, Carl Sagan, SAFIRE Project, Bill Gaede, Anthony L Peratt and many others.