Chronology revision

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies reviews

The Society exploring, debating, checking, investigating and publishing research papers in their journals, using Interdisciplinary Studies. Includes mythology (worldwide and Egyptian) plasma comparative mythology, new chronology and revisionism, Immanuel Velikovsky and many related subjects. The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies are a very knowledgeable crowd of their multiple disciplines. Some of the founder members were the …

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Chronology, Catastrophe and Mythology journal

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Chronology and Catastrophism Review 2019:1 contributors investigate the usual wide ranging disciplines and subjects with even a bit of British black mat (black earth) and Homer astronomy making an appearance in this SIS published magazine or PDF. Chronology and Catastrophe magazine The contents of the latest Society for Interdisciplinary Studies journal/PDF: An Examination of Chronological …

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New chronology babble

David Rohl new Egyptian chronology

The possibility of a different and new Egyptian chronology and therefore the worlds timeline of our history, is mentioned in a 2015 documentary. In The Tower of Babel episode of the Secrets of the Bible the Egyptologist and (former?) SIS member, David Rohl’s New Chronology is used to date his investigation and findings on the …

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