quick preservation fossils feathers dinosaurs skin

Epic preservation of dinosaur skin and dandruff in their feathers in China. Epidermis (outer layer of skin) preservation processes such as in Lagerstätten or quick preserves of organic and biological material? An analysis of fossilised dandruff fragments has given scientists their first evidence of how dinosaurs and early birds shed their skin. Found among the …

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Dinosaur tracks preserved instantly?

fossilised dinosaur tracks

Were dinosaur tracks and other ancient animal footprints preserved nearly instantly during catastrophic events? The fact that dinosaur tracks have been fossilized in mud, volcanic ash and limestone would suggest that something has transformed the soft material into a harder material and fairly quickly. The prime example is in China where over 3000 footprints of …

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Tears of Allah (singing stones part 3)

Singing Stones asteroids rocks music tones sounds China Altay

This is an English translate from a Chinese article on the Singing Stones of Altay Mountains Mongolia and the Qiemuerqieke Cemeteries (Qiemu’erqiek cemetary) Xinjiang China. Read parts 1 and 2. Are these ringing rocks (also known as sonorous rocks or lithophonic stones) natural geology that produces musical rocks, are they from a meteorite or were …

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Singing stones, China (part 2)

Singing Stones Altai Qiemuerqieke Cemetery China

This is an English translate from a Chinese page on the topic of the Singing Black stones near the Altai Mountains in Mongolia and the Qiemu’erqiek Cemeteries, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. Part 1 and 3 have more on these musical Mongolian rocks, a subject known as lithophonic rocks and lithophones. Are these sonorous stones …

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