Catastrophe evolution

Flytraps are Venus’s?

carolina bays venus fly traps electromagnetic evolution electric universe theory

Venus’ flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are found as native plants in the amazing and mysteries Carolina Bays and their surrounding area in the USA. Did the Venus’s flytraps nearly instantly ‘evolve’ due to the events that were the origin of the Carolina Bays? Specific life forms created by specific areas energy and Electric Universe events but …

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Elements of a catastrophe

transmutation elements selenium catastrophe toxic poisoning

Could the transmutation of chemical compounds and especially chemical elements during disastrous Electric Universe events on, in or above Earth have contributed to the catastrophic mass extinctions of life on our planet? A report and new theory suggests that during or after the slightly mysterious Triassic, Devonian and Ordovician mass extinctions there were significant changes …

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Problems with evolution theory – molecular clocks

problems with evolution theory post gondwana

There are a number of main problems or questions for evolution theory. New evidence or interpretations of studies will continually bring further issues and perhaps modification of the theory of evolution or the dismissal of the studies results. Molecular Clocks are normally used to date fossils when there is little or no geological material to …

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