Brown dwarfs

Flare up about main stream stars

mainstream star theory

A giant flare up for the theories of main sequence stars? The problems of Gravity and extreme energy processes in low mass environments? A team of astronomers from the United Kingdom and Germany has spotted a superflare coming from an L-dwarf star approximately 250 light-years away that’s estimated to be 10 times more powerful than …

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Iron stars and Jupiter brown dwarfs

Jupiter brown dwarfs iron stars

Jupiter brown dwarfs are usually found orbiting around iron rich suns – richly emitting or element transmuting iron stars. investigators want to distinguish between two suspects: a giant planet and a celestial object called a brown dwarf. Brown dwarfs are more massive than planets, but less massive than the smallest stars. They are thought to …

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Brown dwarf roses

Brown dwarfs stars are gas giants planet

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. This peer reviewed research compares how similar brown dwarf stars are to gas giant planets. The atmospheric winds of brown dwarfs seem to be more like Jupiter’s familiar regular pattern of belts and zones than the chaotic atmospheric boiling seen on the sun and many …

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Brown dwarf planets

Are brown dwarfs failed stars or are they Jupiter and Saturn like planets? Brown dwarf planets, not ultra cool dwarf (star) Jupiters (planet)? Sometimes a brown dwarf is actually a planet—or planet-like anyway. A team … discovered that what astronomers had previously thought was one of the closest brown dwarfs to our own Sun is …

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