Black holes

Still black, still holes?

black holes Hourglass Nebula

How can black holes emit more molecular plasma material than gravity attracting in? Why are active centres a power active white? Are black holes torus shaped electromagnetic plasmoids, similar in shape to the Hourglass Nebula? There was a time when the Universe could only possibly but incredibly unlikely have only 1 black hole. People were terrified into believing and funding research but in the safe actual knowledge that nothing as silly could exist in what was a wondrous but still natural universe.

What are you looking at?

Event Horizon Telescope Black Holes photos

What will the first image of a Black Hole and its event horizon look like? What will scientists imagine we find in galaxy M87 and what will their imaging algorithms suggest is observed. If no photographs of Black Holes have been taken before how can astronomers now create images of them? How do we make …

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I am the very plasma model of a modern Major-General

relativistic plasma jets

Computer models and their explanations keep looking more and sound more like modern plasma cosmology and major parts of the general Electric Universe theory. But the complex mechanisms behind these jets remain poorly understood. A potential insight into the problem comes from the fact that material around a black hole is transformed into plasma, a …

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Not black, not holes

not black not holes

Shock. Not black, not holes. Unfalsifiable black holes. New image by the Earth-to-Space Interferometer RadioAstron of a supposed BH and its incredible 3 light years long plasma jets (or Birkeland plasma filaments?). Some of these massive black holes eject spectacular jets composed of plasma flows at close to the speed of light, and which can …

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