Biological Transmutation

Electron uptake by microbes

extracellular electron uptake microbes

Electricity of Microbes. The electric circle of life. Is this an episode in the Electricity of Life video series from the Thunderbolts Project? A Washington University team showed how a phototrophic microbe called Rhodopseudomonas palustris takes up electrons from conductive substances like metal oxides or rust to reduce carbon dioxide. New research from Washington University …

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Diamond trees

Pandanus candelabrum diamond tree

A plant that has similar roots to a mango tree, has been suggested as growing only on kimberlite pipes. Does the Pandanus candelabrum plant show where diamonds may be found in Africa? Is this natural electroculture, natures electric fertilizer? a thorny plant with stilt-like aerial roots seems to be an indicator species for diamond-bearing kimberlite …

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Elements of plague and famine

elements health death illness plagues famines electric universe theory eu

Could changes or transmutations of elements in the Earths environment by an Electric Universe catastrophe event, or just a change in our local solar system circuit, help stimulate the conditions for plagues and diseases that have swept round the world or effected certain areas? Or famine that could lead to plagues? If chemical elements like …

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Elements of a catastrophe

transmutation elements selenium catastrophe toxic poisoning

Could the transmutation of chemical compounds and especially chemical elements during disastrous Electric Universe events on, in or above Earth have contributed to the catastrophic mass extinctions of life on our planet? A report and new theory suggests that during or after the slightly mysterious Triassic, Devonian and Ordovician mass extinctions there were significant changes …

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Biological transmutations – silica and grazing animals

biological biology transmutations silica silicon herds animals

The Biological Transmutations book by Louis Kervran suggest that the natural element silicon in silica might be naturally transmuted (changed) by animals into something else – Kervran’s first example is chickens converting it into calcium for their eggs and chick skeletons. Do other animals, other life forms naturally carry out biologically transmutations of various forms/compounds …

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