Big Bang theory

Not redshift but Rebershift?

Grote Reber

Some astronomers disagree with the blueshift and redshift theory. Halton Arp, Fritz Zwicky and Grote Reber were some of the more famous and infamous scientists who proposed or investigated alternative interpretations and theories. Grote Reber was virtually the father and mother to the birth of radio astronomy. He suggested that forward scattering (Fritz Zwicky’s Tired …

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The dark cosmic coincidence problem

cosmic coincidence problem dark energy expanding big bang

If the Big Bang theory and dark stuff theory is correct then what are the odds that humans are alive on planet Earth and in this universe when you have amazing cosmic coincidences involving the expansion/acceleration of the universe and dark matter/energy? Welcome to the dark cosmic coincidence problem. Invisible dark matter and dark energy …

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Red face Shift

redshift red shift theory debunked evidence halton arp

Redshift theory is something astronomers and science uses to calculate the distance of space stuff like galaxies, stars, black holes, quasars etc. A space bodies red shift is used to determine how old an object is, relative to the Big Bang theory. There is an astronomer who disagrees with this interpretation of the shifting of …

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