Big Bang in theory

Quark-gluon plasma cosmology

It is a Peer reviewed theory of Big Bang scearios but it suggests a Quark-gluon plasma soup cosmology, even if it is for a fraction of a second in a totally made up Gravity Universe. The leading theory about how the universe began is the Big Bang, which says that 14 billion years ago the …

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Peer proposed theory of plasma cosmology

plasma cosmology

A peer reviewed and proposed plasma cosmology and parts of Electric Universe theory. Noguchi’s depiction of the Milky Way’s history begins at the point when cold gas streams flowed into the galaxy (cold flow accretion) and stars formed from this gas. During this period, the gas quickly began to accumulate α-elements released by explosions… When …

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Big Bang in theory: Missing baryons

missing baryons Big Bang theory

The Big Bang in theory and its missing baryons. Plasma or a warm hot intergalactic medium is the answer? It has been known for decades that the observed number of baryons in the local Universe falls about 30–40 per cent short of the total number of baryons predicted by Big Bang nucleosynthesis, as inferred from …

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