Plastered subduction zones

Subduction zones plate tectonics

Physical and observable evidence for geological subduction zones, or, transformed rock by electromagnetic geology forces and process? Assemblages of pillow basalts and associated radiolarian cherts are often indicative of subduction zone processes where shallow marine rocks are deformed, metamorphosed, and plastered onto a continental margin to form a coastal mountain range. The black rock with …

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Geology pie in the Skye

meteors comets lava transmutation elements

Material only found in asteroids, comets and sites of massive shock wave geology processes ends up in various lava flows in Scotland. Unaltered meteorite osbornite found not melted in Isle of Skye what was flowing magma. Lighting strikes of plasma discharges on Earth observed to form fulgurites – sand fulgurites, rock fulgurites, glass fulgurites. Also …

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Tour day 6: Slip sliding away

road cut at Kingman Arizona

The morning of the last day of the geology tour went past a great road cutting at Kingman, Arizona. After a stop at one end, where Andreas Otte explained what we were looking at and Michael Steinbacher’s ideas of what the EU geology was showing or could imply, we then did another pass and return …

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Tour day 5: MIA or OOPA?

Geology mystery missing out of place lava basalt rock Nevada

Where does this black rock (volcanic basalt rock?) come from around the Oatman/Kingman area in Nevada? Is the rest of the lava rock Missing In Action or are these isolated hills geological ‘Out Of Place Artefacts’? The volcanoes that are the only geology source of origin for these volcanic rocks are certainly MIA and mysteriously …

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Tour day 5: Looking for ghosts

abandoned gold mining towns near Route 66

Driving through the hills around and along Route 66 in Nevada to look for the missing volcanoes, the missing basalt and the ghosts of the ghost gold towns at Oatman and Techatticup. Oatman not so Ghost Town At Oatman the EU theory geology tour drivers had to navigate for lots of tourists wandering the streets …

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