Axis Mundi

Axis Moondi

Axis Mundi world tower

Fantastic image of a Moon pillar of light or lunar spotlight or something like that. Does mythology show what could be considered similar images? Those familiar with comparative plasma mythology may think they have seen or read about a similar thing. Saturn and possibly other planets sitting on top of a pillar of light, planets …

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The instability of Peratt’s column?

axis mundi Anthony Peratt column

Anthony Peratt’s work on plasma instabilities and the special type of rock carvings known as petroglyphs – similar crazy psychedelic images chipped into rock around the world at the same time – has been used by the EU theory as potential evidence and explanation to help work out what might have happened in our past. …

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Stone Age ‘telescopes’

horizon astronomy

Were some stone age monuments used to enhance the viewing of a particular section of the night sky? Were some megalithic sites built to help isolate star constellations at certain times of the year? For example the first rising above the horizon of an important seasonal or festive marker star? If plasma phenomena were witnessed …

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