Not redshift but Rebershift?

Grote Reber

Some astronomers disagree with the blueshift and redshift theory. Halton Arp, Fritz Zwicky and Grote Reber were some of the more famous and infamous scientists who proposed or investigated alternative interpretations and theories. Grote Reber was virtually the father and mother to the birth of radio astronomy. He suggested that forward scattering (Fritz Zwicky’s Tired …

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Australian dinosaurs and the Emu Man

Australian Aborigine mythology Marala Emu Man

There are over 1000 dinosaur tracks, with the largest variety discovered so far of more than 20 different dinosaurs types, preserved in a huge area, now becoming known as the Western Australia Dinosaur Coast or Australia’s Jurassic Park. These coastal dino footprints have been documented near the beautiful beach of Broome, along the Dampier Peninsula …

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Race walking

out of africa dna L3 australia aboriginal aborigine

Another example of shoehorning the conclusions of your own results into standard theory? Even if your own data does not and can not fit into the shoe? After fleeing out of Africa, their DNA mutating the instant they left the continent, part of the L3 wandering tribe went halfway across the world in only 20,000 …

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Wilpena Pounded by shock waves?

Wilpena Pound cymatics

For those interested in electromagnetic geology the Wilpena Pound in Australia is a mightily impressive and interesting geological feature. Looking at Wilpena Pound in the large scale and the Flinders mountain range it is part of, they curve sharply in what looks like impossible geology. But what does this strange ridged natural amphitheatre and the …

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