Aurora Steve

Aurora STEVElis


More Aurora STEVEs or Aurora STEVElis? ‘STEVE’ has been described as a Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement, with NASA suggestions that these twisting filaments of ionised gas being accelerated to 4 miles per second. Plasma STEVEs? STEVE are you plasma Birkeland filaments? The phenomenon does now have a backronym of an official name: strong thermal …

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Egyptian Steves

steve egyptian mythology sky gods plasma

Are these variations of Steves? Are these Egyptian Stephens? Could the mysterious Dendera light bulb be a plasma Steve or interpreted in other plasma ways? Comparative mythologists certainly do with various manifestations. Perhaps with the aurora Steve some of these may be variations of Steve Birkeland Smiths. And if not aurora Steves then perhaps plasma …

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STEVE Smiths

Aurora Steve Smith

A previously publicly observed but not officially recognised plasma filament (Birkeland current?) has been tested by the ESA. These plasma wires are called ‘STEVE’ by the facebook group Alberta Aurora Chasers that photographs and discusses normal Aurora Borealis and also Steves. A group of aurora enthusiasts have found a new type of light in the …

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