Asteroids and comets

Comets are Thornhill Asteroids

actived asteroids are electric universe comets

This is not a drill. This is not a drill. This is an Astronomy Magazine article on How Are Comets and Asteroids Related? A view developed during the past 20 years suggests comets and asteroids, although distinct types of bodies, are more alike than astronomers originally thought. The discoveries of other bodies with peculiar properties …

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Electromagnetically accelerating comets/asteroids

The mysterious Oumuamua, the comet/asteroid/comet that astronomy suggests is a visitor to our solar system, has been calculated as accelerating away from us and the Sun. Science theory suggests it has to be by gases emitted from its surface due to sublimation, although magnetic acceleration as a possible option was considered. Could Oumuamua be accelerating …

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Water asteroids, what are asteroids?

asteroids 2004 EW95 water Vesta

Another Kuiper Belt asteroid discovered with, in theory, only what can be water transformed physical features, to go along with the mighty Vesta. Asteroid 2004 EW95 is a very unusual carbon KBO but scientific analysis has suggested clay on its surface as well as other watery minerals. Water on asteroids, what are asteroids? Most objects …

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Geology pie in the Skye

meteors comets lava transmutation elements

Material only found in asteroids, comets and sites of massive shock wave geology processes ends up in various lava flows in Scotland. Unaltered meteorite osbornite found not melted in Isle of Skye what was flowing magma. Lighting strikes of plasma discharges on Earth observed to form fulgurites – sand fulgurites, rock fulgurites, glass fulgurites. Also …

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Comet 67P dust devil

comet 67/P jets

Great photograph of a dusty water jet on comet 67p. Or a dust devil or even a dusty plasma devil? So full of material is this dust jet that it forms a shadow on the comets rocky surface. A plume of dust from Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, seen by ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft on 3 July 2016, provided …

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