Arc Blast geology

Lightning Standing Stone Circles

Jove Jupiter Zeus lightning bolts

Are some megalithic standing stone cicles designed and constructed to attract lightning strikes? Archaeology survey near Callanish say yes. But why would they need it? A geophysical survey around one of the stones has astonished archaeologists by revealing a star-shaped pattern formed by one, or possibly multiple, earth-shaking lightning strikes. New technology has exposed a …

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Plasma: Metals into Fourth State of Matter

geology transformation pressure shockwaves

Liquid metal converted to plasma. Geology, space dusty plasmas and minerals, resistant and sometimes willing chemical elements forced to be transmuted. University of Rochester’s Dr Mohamed Zaghoo and colleagues observed, however, there is another way to create a plasma: under high density conditions, heating a liquid metal to very high temperatures will also produce a …

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Shock rock geology

Chicxulub Crater shock rock transmutation material

A unique type of granite has been found during the offshore drilling operation of the peak ring around the Chicxulub Crater. Material or rock transformed by shock into unique granite by the event that created the Chicxulub Crater. Evidence that material can be transmuted, where it is found, by a energy discharge event or strong …

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Wilpena Pounded by shock waves?

Wilpena Pound cymatics

For those interested in electromagnetic geology the Wilpena Pound in Australia is a mightily impressive and interesting geological feature. Looking at Wilpena Pound in the large scale and the Flinders mountain range it is part of, they curve sharply in what looks like impossible geology. But what does this strange ridged natural amphitheatre and the …

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