Anthony Peratt

Squatter Warrior

squatter man warrior fighter petroglyphs

Are Peratt’s Piper sometimes also squatter fighters, squatter man? Why are the warriors in a squatting pose? Was it Petra’s Nabataean civilisation’s normal fighting stance? Inscription found in eastern Jordan reads: ‘By Aqraban, son of Kasit, son of Saad, the beautiful woman, playing the reed pipes’, circa 100 BC to 100 AD The 16 Safaitic …

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The instability of Peratt’s column?

axis mundi Anthony Peratt column

Anthony Peratt’s work on plasma instabilities and the special type of rock carvings known as petroglyphs – similar crazy psychedelic images chipped into rock around the world at the same time – has been used by the EU theory as potential evidence and explanation to help work out what might have happened in our past. …

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