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Evolution or rapid electromagnetic Quantevolution?

Rapid electromagnetic evolution quantavolution Alfred de Grazia

Conclusions from the research paper ‘The origin of endothermy in synapsids and archosaurs and arms races in the Triassic’ suggest relatively very rapid evolution for creatures living, breeding and dying in planet Earth’s dielectric environments:
# Birds and mammals likely acquired endothermy (warm-bloodedness) at the same time.
# Life remodelled itself most significantly in the aftermath of the devastating end-Permian mass extinction.
# The switchover happened in parallel with a shift in posture from sprawling to parasagittal in both major lineages.

Ultra rapid or near instant evolution through changes in worldwide and local electromagnetic energies?

The Thunderbolts of the Gods kebab

Saturn Polar configurations Shishkebabs

Saturn Polar shish kebabs? What are Saturnian planetary alignments such Talbott/Thunderbolts Saturn Polar Configuration or others proposed in the past? How do you physically get a BBQ style shish kebab of planets and keep the stack that way for 100’s or 1000’s of years?

How can orbits rapidly change whilst maintaining a shared common envolope of plamsaspheres and some of Earth’s environment to keep a few ancient humans safe to tell the tales? Welcome to Saturnian ShishkeBobs, my friend.

Jupiter, Destroyer of Worlds, May Have Paved the Way for Earth

jupiter Grand Tack Hypothesis Worlds in Collision Immanuel Velikovsky

Strange though it may seem, ignoring the amazing title let alone modern scientific theories in the article arguing for migrating and interacting planets including orbital resonance, published 2015 in Scientific American. Jupiter, Destroyer of Worlds, May Have Paved the Way for Earth written by Lee Billings. Strange though it may seem, Nebular Hypothesis with Grand …

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Planet Amnesia evidence


There is a theory that humans have blocked out the Doomsday events or world wide catastrophes that have struck planet Earth a number of times in our history. But how could such massive physical events be forgotten by nearly everyone? Is this a significant argument or evidence debunking Immanuel Velikovsky and Electric Universe catastrophism? How …

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