Akashic Records

Zombie Caterpillars

zombie life forms

Zombie Caterpillars are now added to the list of zombie insects and life. How do these bugs, moulds, parasites, animals know how to control another completely different life form? Caterpillars are being killed by a bug which turns them into “‘xploding zombies’ … The baculovirus drives caterpillars on a ‘death march’ to the top of …

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Natural building blocks of animals


Update 31/1/2017 Although an ancient bird it had already evolved some strange and unique characteristics for its kind. Or nature given it the information to instantly change its dna and be born with these new features?

Extraterrestrial Zombie Parasites

zombie parasites insects bacteria animals

Zombie animals seem to suggest evidence of life having access to universal information (Hall or Records, Akashic Library etc). Would zombie insects, zombie bacteria, zombie parasites still do the same thing and have the same control if the partnership was somehow transported and living on another planet? If they could not do the same thing …

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Canis Martius Familiaris

Canis Martius Familiaris animals dogs mars other planets extraterrestrial

What would Earth animals be like on a different planet, such as Mars? What would Earth animals be like if they were transported and then lived on Mars? What would Earth animals be like if they were embryos conceived/fertilized on Earth, frozen then transported and birthed on Mars? What would Earth animals be like if …

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