ELI the ICE man, who lives in a cave with AC

AC DC Electric Universe theory Plasma Cosmology

ELI on ICE, who lives in ACave, helps you ride the electromagnetic wave. ELI the ICE Man, who lives in a cave, Knows how inductors and capacitors behave. Determining their phases is his favourite game. If you ever think Help! Just call out his name.

Steady state solar wind at edge of solar system?

pluto solar wind plasma x rays

Astronomy surprised by results of recent Chandra mission as Pluto or the Suns plasma current behaves differently than expected/modelled, even after modification. Is it an AC, DC, AC/DC, or ‘other’ Electromagnetic Universe? Or is it just the circuit of Pluto and the Sun’s plasma wind?

Flux Transfer Events: AC/DC?

Flux Transfer Events FTEs

Flux Transfer Events appear to regularly connect planet Earth with the Sun.Every few minutes there is a massive flow or exchange of power/current from our planet to our plasma star, plasma cosmology. Is this a DC circuit or in an Electric Universe is this an AC circuit?

No steady state Direct Current?

Direct Current plasma electromagnetic universe

If you take the scale to extremes for steady state DC (Direct Current) would you always see a relative change, an increase or decrease of voltage or current? Some form of pulsating, variable, sine wave, step, high and low, 1 and 0? With a large enough or long enough graph would you never have a …

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You current!

Alternating Current Direct Current alternatives different theories

What actually are Alternating Currents or Direct Currents in an Electric Universe? Is it just current? What different variations of the classically electron electricity are there? Is AC ‘instantaneous direct current’? Can what we call alternating electrical current be interpreted or defined as something else? Current or anything else energy-carrying doesn’t need to “get anywhere” …

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