Catastrophism sites (Velikovsky, EU or mythology)

This catastrophism sites list are those loosely based on or related to the Electric Universe theory and/or Immanuel Velikovsky.

These are not religious or cult catastrophe sites where Doomsday or end of the world proclamations are made.

Most of these Catastrophism websites listed here are researchers into EU theory mythology (plasma mythology), comparative mythology and the theories of Immanuel Velikovsky in his books such as Worlds in Collision and humans collective amnesia.

Some of these sites also investigate or have a lot of information on the Electric Universe, plasma cosmology and space plasma.

Catastrophism sites list

Below are most of the EU catastrophe sites, if you know of any that have not been mentioned or are new then please comment below are contact the site.

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies – main cosmic catastrophes, ancient chronology revision and lots of Immanuel Velikovsky research.

Catastrophism, Renegade Science

Planet Amnesia


Cosmology Quest

Myths are history

Immanuel Velikovsky websites

The Velikovsky Archive
The Velikovsky Encyclopedia
The Velikovskian Journal
The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS)

Other Catastrophe Discussion Groups

Some of these catastrophism discussion forums or groups may not be EU theory or Immanuel Velikovsky centred.

Alt.Catastrophism Google Group
Alt.Mythology Google Group
Alt.History and Ancient Worlds Google Group
Plasma and Planets In Mythology Google Group
The Velikov List Yahoo Group
Catastrophism, Renegade Science

Catastrophism and/or plasma Mythology websites list

These sites cover catastrophism and mythology which is difficult to separate. Not even sure if these should be on a different list or put above …

Planet Amnesia

Kronos Press
David Talbott (Dave Talbott)

Ancient Destructions
Ancient Destructions youtube channel

Maverick Science

Recovering the Lost World: A Saturnian Cosmology

Firmament and Chaos

Saturn Death Cult

Scientia Press
Kenneth J Dillon