Cassini explosion in Saturns atmosphere?

cassini explosion saturn mission 2017 impact surprise The Cassini mission probe will be sent towards Saturns surface and into Saturns atmosphere in 2017.

What will be the results or reaction?

Will it explode dramatically like Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 on Jupiter?

Or has the Cassini probe electrically discharged enough so that there will be nothing spectacular?

cassini impact saturn probe electrical discharge effects rings plasma magnetosphereWill its death voyage take it further out so it might get charged enough?

Will there be strange activity hours and days after its 'impact'?

Will Saturns rings be effected?

Will Cassini effect the plasma/electromagnetic circuit and relationship that Saturn has with its North polar hexagon, South pole vortex, north pole auroral lights, Saturns Magnetosphere, moons, rings and the Sun?

Or will nothing much happen as Cassini will be just a probe going to its death in a gravity universe?

What will be a shame is that Cassini–Huygens spacecraft will not be around to watch and examine the long term after effects of its own death.