Canis Martius Familiaris

What would Earth animals be like on a different planet, such as Mars?

What would Earth animals be like if they were transported and then lived on Mars?

Canis Martius Familiaris animals dogs mars other planets extraterrestrial

What would Earth animals be like if they were embryos conceived/fertilized on Earth, frozen then transported and birthed on Mars?

What would Earth animals be like if they there parents were transported to Mars and then they were concieved and grew up on Mars?

martian animals alien life forms mars

What would they physically be like?

Would animals, that we have changed by breeding, revert to previous forms? Similar to the Primeval Code experiments, where wheat and eggs seemed to grow as previous strains?

How humans would be on Mars seems easier to consider as they would know or it could be explained to them what has happened. How would animals react and change?

Wagging the tail because the dog is happy?

How would their emotions and personality change?

animals change dna other planets from earth dogs humans

Would a dog, or other pets and animals, still behave like a dog or would it change?

If life/dna accesses or is influenced by natural information then would they behave or grow different if they had difference access to Universal Information (Akashic Records)?

Or if life's information comes from the individual planets information?

Or the electromagnetic field/frequency of Mars would give them a different 'morphic field'?