buddhism insights dhyanas electric universe

Buddhism insights and the Electric Universe?

buddhism insights dhyanas electric universeCould Buddhism insights through meditation be explained if we are connected to and through an electric universe?

If our thoughts – especially our sub conscience – are stored or accessed in – to use old phrases like the aether or akashic records.

If these are part of the energy fabric of an electromagnetic universe.

Then could Buddhist insights through meditation and especially the higher states of conscientiousness come from a connection into the electric universe?

Buddhism and dhyana insights?

buddhist 4 dhyanas electric universe theory
With Buddhist meditation you are basically in the first phase calming your bodies energy/mental agitation down to a steady relaxed state. Then when deeper into the 4 meditation dhyana states your agitated thoughts should stop and you enter a calm concentration when you seem to not be fully physically connected to all your senses, or their input is filtered.

Peoples experienced of this superconsciousness say they are then more connected or aware of the world and universe around them, compared to the self.

It has been suggested that one of the main reasons for sleep and deep REM sleep and non REM sleep is so our sub conscience can digest/work through all the experiences we have had that day and how they really effected us in the short and long term.

With your subconscious working things out in the background you get sudden thoughts or remember stuff that you have been trying to remember – stuff like that persons name or what they said many months ago – stuff that has been on your mind.

Buddhist insights and the Electric Universe?

Perhaps the deeper states of meditation are like a super sleep/restfulness for your subconscious? Your body is very relaxed, your are deliberately not thinking about anything and you are more receptive and even willing for ideas/insights.

The frequency of your electrical brain tuning in to the electromagnetic universe frequency?

One of the best natural ways to transfer energy information is through electromagnetic waves.

Buddhist meditation is a natural way to change the chemicals in your brain – change your brainwave frequencies. Drugs like LSD and Ketamine also change the tuning frequency of them. Perhaps why people through meditation or drugs can think differently and get great insights/ideas that can appear like a blot out of the blue?