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Blind Seers could see the Electric Universe?

Could some ancient humans see the world with different eyes?

Could seers, especially those whose sight was effected or ‘blind’, have been able to see different electromagnetic wavelengths to normal humans?

ancient oracles seers tiresias odin jupiter
Jupiters magnetosphere and the God Indra’s (associated with Jupiter) weapon called the Vajra

In modern times the painter Claude Monet, late in his life, is believed to have suddenly started seeing more UV light and then his paintings reflected these ultraviolet colours due to aphakia.

In Norse mythology, the seer Mimir guarded a sacred spring at a root of the World Tree, Yggdrasill. Odin gained magical knowledge by drinking from the spring, but he had to pay for it by giving one of his eyes to Mimir.
Seers | Myth Encyclopedia

It is interesting that the World Tree, Axis Mundi, Tree of Life, Squatter man image is mentioned.

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Light is an electromagnetic wave and part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

UV light and IR light (Ultraviolet and Infrared) are just either side of a normal humans visible light spectrum.

What would the world and the universe be like if you could see parts of the ultraviolet light or infrared light spectrum?

Jupiter and its moon Io’s plasma torus

The Io plasma torus is a ring-shaped cloud of ions and electrons surrounding the planet Jupiter. Electrons collide with the ions, which absorb energy from the collisions and release it again as ultraviolet light.
What is the Io plasma torus? | University of Arizona

aphakia io plasma torus
This gif image shows Jupiter as the white circle in the middle and its moon Io is shown in its orbit.

The Vajra weapon is associated with the god Indra, which in Indian astrology is associated with Jupiter. The god Zeus is also associated with the planet Jupiter. They are both gods of thunderbolts and lightning.

Blind Seers and Gods in mythology

claude monet ultraviolet aphakia seers tiresias odin
Jupiters radio noise storms and Indra’s Vajra

Tiresias, in Greek mythology, a blind Theban seer … One theory was that it was a punishment for revealing the secrets of the gods, which he had learned from his mother, the nymph Chariclo.

Another theory was that he enraged Hera, who had contended to her husband, Zeus, that women had less pleasure in love than men, by telling her that love gave women 10 times more pleasure than it gave men. Hera thereupon struck him blind, but Zeus gave him the gifts of prophecy and longevity.

A third explanation was that Tiresias was blinded by Athena because he had seen her naked.
Tiresias | Encyclopædia Britannica

Zeus is the planet god Jupiter.

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The seer Tiresias could see the Gods (planets) secrets?

Tiresias was blinded, eyes injured or could not see as we could see but that gave him other gifts or freed his eyes from normal human wavelength restrictions?

What electromagnetic energy could ancient people have seen?

blind seers vision ancient seeing esoteric electric universe plasma

Could these ancient humans have been able to view natural phenomena that others could not or we can not today? For example the invisible fields around planets like Jupiter, Birkeland currents, the Suns plasma connections to the Earth and other planets, Ley lines etc.

Or were they just known as seers, druids, soothsayers, witches, priests because they had access to esoteric knowledge that it was an Electric Universe?

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Or were they considered to have different sight to ordinary humans and the only way to easily convey that in folklore/mythology was to say they were blind and/or given different gifts or ways of seeing the world? Knowing that a story will perhaps be told for generations to come who did not witness the events or people but who will understand that these seers viewed the universe in a strange way.

Or did they have access to the Akashic Records, universall knowledge?