back to drawing board science scientists theories

Back to that drawing board …

back to drawing board science scientists theoriesScience is constantly surprised by what their theories do not predict but what nature and the universe shows them is or is not actually there.

Scientists are constantly going back to the drawing board to either massively modify or completely rewrite their theories of everything. A good theory predicts and can explain.

So are the Big Bang theory, comet formation theory, planet formation theory and most other science theories not good?

How many times can you go back to that drawing board without questioning the basic theories everything else is based on?

Back to the drawing board for these theories …

Alan Stern, the mission’s chief scientist, commented: “We now have an isolated, small planet that’s showing activity after 4.5 billion years.”
Prof Stern said the discovery would “send a lot of geophysicists back to the drawing boards”.
New Horizons: Images reveal ice mountains on Pluto

“When we first saw this image we were astounded at the spectacular level of detail. HL Tauri is no more than a million years old, yet already its disc appears to be full of forming planets. This one image alone will revolutionise theories of planet formation,” explained Catherine Vlahakis
Planet-forming disc around young star revealed in unprecedented detail