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New chronology babble

The possibility of a different and new Egyptian chronology and therefore the worlds timeline of our history, is mentioned in a 2015 documentary.

In The Tower of Babel episode of the Secrets of the Bible the Egyptologist and (former?) SIS member, David Rohl’s New Chronology is used to date his investigation and findings on the mystery of the Tower of Babel and the world having multiple languages.

David Rohl new Egyptian chronological revision

Rohl’s NC (alternative chronology of the ancient Near East) is mentioned but not the reason for the missing or reduced centuries. Or that this chronological revision was important or controversial.

Perhaps the documentary makers realise that standard chronology may easily be incorrect, they did not want to distract from the main star of the show, or, they did not want to appear to openly support a controversial theory?

The babble of Babel’s history

In what looks like a puzzling investigation for Rohl, considering the amount of frowning he does in the stock footage, they use his findings and conclusions of who, what, when, where that fit into his New Chronology, which makes it a neat fit.

The two kings mentioned (Nimrod/Enmerkar) have very similar background stories including the sudden multiplying of languages. But Standard Chronology has their dates as incompatible.

David Rohl nimrod enmerkar tower of babel

As chronology revisionists and Immanuel Velikovsky have suggested, the doubling up of similar characters and events is the result and an example of wrong chronology.

A summary of a few of Rohl’s Babel conclusions are:

  • Nimrod (Torah?) and Enmerkar (Sumerian king list) were same person. Both great kings and hunters, alive one generation after Noah’s Flood, both built a city called Uruk/Erech
  • Nimrod and Enmerkar written in Hebrew have no vowels and spell NMRD and NMR. The extra D comes from a play on words on the meaning of Nimrod
  • The Eridu ziggurat (the massive base beside it) is the location for the Tower of Babel
  • The Sumarians or ancient mesopatanians travelled to Egypt and may have become its Kings or helped its civilsation and buildings to suddenly reach new heights
  • David Rohls new Egyptian timeline history dating

    Alternative time lines and history

    A number of suggestions for alternatives to the consensus on the conventional chronology have been presented during the 20th century:

    • The Revised Chronology of Immanuel Velikovsky as postulated in his Ages in Chaos series.
    • The chronology of Donovan Courville as described in The Exodus Problem and Its Ramifications.
    • The Glasgow Chronology formulated by members of Velikovsky’s Society for Interdisciplinary Studies in 1978.
    • The Centuries of Darkness (1991) model by Peter James et al. “would move the end of the Egyptian New Kingdom from 1070 BC to around 825 BC”, and lower all earlier dates with it, due to miscalculations of the Third Intermediate Period.
    • The New Chronology of David Rohl, as described in his Test of Time series.

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