Axis Mundi world tower

Axis Moondi

Fantastic image of a Moon pillar of light or lunar spotlight or something like that. Does mythology show what could be considered similar images?

Axis Mundi mythology moon lunar pillar

Those familiar with comparative plasma mythology may think they have seen or read about a similar thing. Saturn and possibly other planets sitting on top of a pillar of light, planets on top of the mountain, Axis Mundi, world tower etc

Lunar pillar of light

If you had more ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere would you get more lunar pillars of light?

Would you get this atmospheric phenomenon for other solar system bodies such as our Sun or Immanuel Velikovsky style worlds and migrating planets, Jumping Jupiters but with rapidly changing orbits and close approaches to our orbit?

With the Sun and the Moons relative position changing quickly in the heavens you may not expect a solar pillar of light or a lunar spotlight to be remembered with such awe and carved, designed into lots of different civilisations folklore and artwork.

But if a migratory planet in recent human memory, the suggested Saturn Polar Configuration or an Egyptian God King planet like Mars was stationary in the northern and southern icy regions then there might be an ice particle pillars of lights, cosmic axis etc.

What would Ice Age humans have observed in our skies?