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Is the structure of the atom radically different but in a simple observable universe way?

New Structures for Atomic Models SAM

Could an alternative theory on natural structural shapes explain various atomic properties including bonding?

Structured Atom Model Edo Kaal Edwin

The Proton-Electron Atom — A Proposal for a Structured Atomic Model

Edwin Kaal will present a new model for the atom based upon the principles of densest packing, balancing of electrostatic forces, symmetry, and the stable geometry of Platonic solids. Using this model, the sacrosanct ‘strong force’ of the modern theory is not required. In addition, neutrons are redefined as a connection between protons and electrons. Thus, atoms in his model are just protons and electrons in electrostatic and geometric equilibrium.

Following simple rules and postulations, a structured atomic model emerges. The shapes represent specific attributes of the elements such as the valence value. The model shows how a number of nucleons and the geometric shapes correlate to the elements; why there are forbidden configurations; and how groups in the periodic table naturally arise. Magnetic spheres can be used to mimic the nucleus specific construction and can be learned by anyone.

Importantly, this model does not contradict the evidence in chemistry and physics, but rather provides a new interpretation and a promisingly fresh approach. With this model, Edwin has been able to resolve enigmas in chemistry and make predictions to inform future research.
EU 2017 speakers list | Thunderbolts

This is Edo Kaal’s video presentation at the Electric Universe Reconnect 2018 UK conference

His website Ethereal Matters has more information and the implications and explains things such as the building blocks of Nuclets, the no nuclear strong force needed for his new electrostatic neutron etc.

New Structured Neutron electrostatic force

Edwin’s talk and explanations at the Thunderbolts 2017 EU theory meeting.

The possible implications are certainly worthy of consideration and for some will change the shapes of their cosmos. Shapes made of multiples of regular polyhedrons with parts/atoms not faces?

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James Sorensen and Edo Kaal’s PDF presentation The Structured Atom Model (SAM) really helps to explain the basics and importantly has a lot of visual guides.

Edwin Kaal discussed his ideas on a new way of looking at atoms with interested conference people in the Break Out Rooms and socially at EU 2016. Edo then presented his new interpretations of atomic models and chemical element structures at the EU 2017 conference.

New electric atom geology models

Kaal’s suggestions are certainly interesting for electric geology. If shown to be a step along the path to a good predictive atom model and theory, could it help explain why and what happened to atoms, elements, compounds when rock is transmuted by electromagnetic forces?

When observing rocks in situ, it seems that the perhaps the paths of mass transformation could follow different routes.

New Model Atom

Does the end product – quartz, precious and heavy metals, stones, rocks – depend on the local material and the nature of the discharge?

new model army atom theory alternatives

Is it the elements that have transmutation due to energy, discharge. Local electrical fields and transformed chemical compounds are perhaps only slightly the result of the original atomic structure? The atoms restructuring themselves into more acceptable common structures and multiples of.

Nuclear transformation that happens to the geology of all rocky bodies in our solar system and the whole electrical plasma universe if plasma is scalable.