Asteroid Vesta: 13 mile high mountain!

asteroid vesta mountain everest taller
Asteroid Vesta mountain taller than Everest (bottom of asteroid)

vesta mountain everest geology
Asteroid Vesta's 13 mile high mountain
The asteroid Vesta with a diameter of about 320 miles (roughly 500 kilometers) has a mountain over 13 miles high (over 22 kilometers).

Mount Everest on Earth is over 5 miles high above sea level (over 8 kilometers). Olympus Mons on Mars is over 16 miles (25 kilometers) high.

How can such a small planetary body have a mountain so large and relatively to its size incredibly massive?

if geology of planets and all space bodies are formed by the same process that is not driven by gravity and immensely slow processes, then we would expect to see similar geological features on them, no matter there size. Could the massive mountain on Vesta, Mount Everest and Olympus Mons be formed by the same Electric Universe geology process?

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