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Isle of Arran – interesting geology?

Map Britain isle of arran scotland geologyA geology map of Britain’s rock types looks interesting.

From an Electric Universe theory geology point of view the Isle of Arran looks very very interesting.

In the northern part of the isle of Arran there is a large round area of one type of rock. This circular area seems to be surrounded by rings or layers of other rock or mineral types which is very very very interesting

The southern part of Arran island seems to have a mixture of geological rocks/minerals and their locations. This makes Arran very very very very interesting.

interesting geology investigation of the Isle of Arran?

Geological Map of the British Isles 1969 Geological Survey Britain rocks
If you investigate the geological features of the Isle of Arran in Scotland will it show EU theory geology evidence?

Having only looked intently at an old printed Geological Map of the British Isles (1969 Geological Survey) and spotting the intriguing shape of the colours of the Isle of Arran rocks, there will be an investigation into its EU geology and also any mythology. Hopefully it will be interesting.

Can you interpret the standard geology evidence to be Electric geology evidence? Can you predict what geology may or will be found? If you could make successful Electric Universe geology predictions then that would be very interesting.

Isle of Arran UK EU geology tour

Isle of Arran geology geological rock types maps

The map to the side shows the geological rock types of the larger area around the island, the Firth of Clyde and that part of the Scottish mainland from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

That stripe of land has very interesting pockets of different rocks and minerals, as well as large swathes across Scotland.

In the future there are planned internet investigations of the geological maps of Britain or Great Britain or the UK (United Kingdom) or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or whatever you want to call it and upset the various very separated tribes who still live in the different parts of what everyone in the world all know as near London, England.

There will also be some Electric Universe geology field work investigations of a few England areas. If anyone else is interesting in sharing interesting facts, out of place geology oddities, strange similarities between very different geological areas etc of their own area then you are very welcome to get in touch with this site to discuss posting an article on them.

Geology maps of the Isle of Arran