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Isle of Minerals

Isle of Arran minerals crystals geology Smoky QuartzThe Isle of Arran has a lot of minerals, should the Isle of Arran be alternative known as the Isle of minerals?

Arran not only looks like it has interesting geology from its coloured geology maps, it has, as hopefully predicted through Electric Universe geology, a massive variety of minerals.

This variety is also surprising considering that the island is found to be very small. Amazingly coincidently enough a similar size to the island of Malta. Arran is 20 miles by 12 miles and Malta is 17 miles by 9 miles.

At the moment this is a very quick internet tour of the subject. More mineral information, links and photographs will be added over time. A page on the amazing mineral crystals that are found on Arran, like those photographed on Mike Wood’s Mineral Forum page and some shown here, will be added later.

Arran island of minerals

Isle of Arran minerals

Mineral collecting is centred on the Northern Arran pluton – the granite of Goat Fell and surrounding peaks. Small, miarolitic cavities in the granite can yield small, smoky quartz crystals as well as beryl (aquamarine) and topaz – the latter unfortunately as cleavages. Other minerals found include allanite, fergusonite and zircon. Fluorite is another possibility, but has yet to be found “in situ”.

The island had a reputation for agates, but the localities appear exhausted, though occasionally, agates may be washed ashore from elsewhere. Finally, there is also a small skarn-type mineral occurrence on the island.

Recent finds on the island have included some very fine feldspar (orthoclase) crystals and smoky quartz. The quartz is mainly the very dark/ black “morion” variety. Crystals found are generally small, to a few centimetres and translucent.

The feldspar crystals have a propensity for multiple and complex twinning and is probably the orthoclase member of this silicate mineral group. The cream-coloured crystals are of good quality, are generally lustrous and fresh, showing minimal signs of etching.
Isle of Arran – The Scottish Islands | Minerals of Scotland

Arran precious gemstones and rare minerals

map minerals great britain UK Isle of Arran locations
Arran appears to have a range of semi precious to precious gemstones and rare minerals such as
gadolinite found within its shores and include:

Beryl and topaz are typically late-stage products of granite magmatism, forming at moderate depths in pegmatites, veins and cavities. They are recorded in several Scottish grantites, notably Arran and Cairngorm where topaz is generally associated with Cairngorm.

Semi precious stones: Cairngorm also occurs, with beryl and topaz, in other granites in north-east Scotland and on Arran.

Sapphire and ruby: the existence of sapphires in Scottish rocks has been known since the nineteenth century. Small platy crystals have been collected from thermally altered aluminous rocks on Arran, Mull and Ardnamurchan, and from the Dalradian rocks of Aberdeenshire. None of these sapphires are of gem quality, but they provide evidence of potential by indicating the presence of aluminium-enriched crust favourable for the formation of corundum.
Minerals in Britain | British Geological Survey (link to PDF)

Mineral mine on the Isle of Arran

Isle of Arran minerals mines BarytesThere is even an Arran mineral mine where they mined for baryte (also called barite) on the island.

A vein of massive barytes outcrops near where the path crosses the burn, SSE of this building. The mine dumps here contain some quite nice crystallised Epidote to 4mm as sharp crystals laying flat on matrix, with a reasonable coverage.
Glen Sannox Barytes Mine, Glen Sannox, Isle of Arran, Scotland | Mindat

There is also an old barite mine, to the north of Brodick and zeolites have also been recorded on the island.
Isle of Arran – The Scottish Islands | Minerals of Scotland

From the north end of this section at Sannox Bay, a pleasant walk up Glen Sannox took us to the old baryte workings where in one or two places we saw the original mineral veins in the bedrock. The abandoned site is much over-grown, but old spoil heaps provided ample mineral specimens.
Week Excursion to the Isle of Arran | Edinburgh Geological Society

Isle of Arran mineral list

minerals list Isle of Arran found located geology
List of Isle of Arran minerals from Mindat found on this Scottish isle, or is it the Island of Arran?

Olivine is an important mineral for EU theory and Electric geology. Perhaps the smoking gun for massive plasma events and electrical discharges in an Electric Universe? Due to the geology fact that olivine is formed in high temperature environments.

For example olivine on Mars, chondritic meteorites and even the mineral olivine in dirty snowball comets (active asteroids) such as comet 67P. What if olivine was formed where it was found, where we find it now?

Also the mineral or crystals of zircon are on this list.

More information and links will be added over time.

Albite-Anorthite Series
Allanite (Ce)

arran minerals Gadolinite
Rare gadolinite mineral, Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK

Quartz vareity Citrine and Smoky Quartz