Animals in amber

animals in amber salamander why how found trappedAnimals in amber?

How do animals end up in amber?

Why do animals get trapped and remain caught in amber?

How do some delicate animals in amber not get crushed or distorted when preserved in amber?

Especially if the soft tissued and boned animal is then mined out of the ground in an amber mine?

Why do insects found in amber show little or no signs of struggling or damage? If you are trapped and fighting for your life then you would normally show some signs of trying to escape.

Animals in amber - salamander

The extint Palaeoplethodon hispaniolae salamander was found preserved in Caribbean amber. There have been no previous remains of salamanders in the Caribbean area or in the Dominican Republic amber mine.

More than 20 million years ago, the unlucky amphibian got its leg bitten off by a predator before falling into the sticky tree resin resulting in it being fossilised in amber. Found in an amber mine in what is now the Dominican Republic, the salamander was only a baby when it met its sticky end. As the creatures have soft, fragile bodies, very few have ever been fossilised.
First Ever Salamander Encased in Amber Found in Caribbean

Animals trapped in amber - tree resin?

What is amber? Is amber tree resin or could it be something else?

How do you get that much tree resin to surround an animal?

Does the amber form around the animal? Not the animal falling into the amber liquid?