Ancient Electroculture structures buildings statues

Ancient Electroculture structures

Ancient Electroculture structures buildings statuesWere some ancient structures (stone, rock, soil etc) and buildings used as ancient electroculture/magnetoculture structures?

Did previous civilizations use knowledge of natural electromagnetic effects to change their food, seeds and animals?

Ancient Electroculture buildings and structures?

electroculture magnetoculture structures hill forts warham camp
electroculture structures – Warham Camp (hill fort)?
Were ancient megalith buildings and structures found all around the world used for ancient electroculture practices such as magneto agriculture or electric fertilizer? Or also used for health and regeneration purposes?

Electromagnetic pyramid/temple structures?
Could some of the pyramids/temples around the world have been used for electroculture? Aztec pyramids/temples, Mesoamerican pyramids or Egyptian pyramids or European pyramids including the Bosnian pyramid.

Malta’s ancient magnetoculture, buildings and structures?

Electroculture magnetoculture energy buildings structures Malta
Electroculture, magnetoculture energy buildings in Malta?