vajra marduk jupiter zeus thunderbolt

Ancient Electric Universe mythology or just coincidence?

These are radio images of Jupiter’s magnetosphere due to synchrotron radiation, as seen through its radio wave emissions.

thunderbolts of the gods jupiter

Ancient mythology has similar imagery that involves the god Marduk (planet Jupiter), the Zeus thunderbolt and thunderbolts of the gods, Vajra (thunderbolt, diamond, weapon) etc.

jupiters magnetosphere plasma instabilities

What is really interesting about the Vajra version of the thunderbolt is the globe in the middle and that it also sometimes has 2 more, 1 on either side. Would a bulbous bit like that really help it as an actual physical fighting weapon?

vajra marduk jupiter zeus thunderbolt

It is hard to believe that it is pure fluke that the ancient civilisations associated a lightning/thunderbolt weapon with the god of the planet that has the same look.

jupiter vla observations

How did they know what it looked like?

jupiter radio image

Did they see Jupiters magnetosphere in a more energised state?

jupiter magnetosphere

Was our own atmosphere different to facilitate them seeing it? Did they see things differently to us?

jupiters magnetosphere image

Did they know this is what the radiation belts, plasma instabilities, synchrotron-radiation of planets looked like, so they associated it with Jupiter?

jupiter magnetosphere image synchrotron radiation

Or is it all just crazy ancients talking coincidental rubbish and desperate Electric Universe Theory followers leaping onto any ‘evidence’ that they can?

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