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Alien electromagnetic signals?

alien space signalsAre they alien civilisation signals?

For the past eight years, astronomers have been scratching their heads over a series of strange radio signals emanating from somewhere in the cosmos. And now, the mystery has deepened.

… To their surprise, they found that the dispersion measure of every pulse was a multiple of the number 187.5.

Such an even spacing “is likely not produced by something like a supernova explosion,” Hippke told HuffPost Science in an email. “All frequencies leave the nova at the same time, and the DM [dispersion measure] is created by dust crossing. As the amount of dust varies, the DM would seem random.”
Are Aliens Behind Mysterious Radio Bursts? Scientists Weigh In

You would expect there to be at least 1 if not trillions of alien life forms in the universe. Considering that our 1 planet out of 8 or 9 or however many in our solar system, has so much life on it.

Or does it show something wrong with astronomy, science theory – similar to red shift theory?

found that all 10 bursts’ dispersion measures are multiples of a single number: 187.5. This neat line-up, if taken at face value, would imply five sources for the bursts all at regularly spaced distances from Earth, billions of light-years away. A more likely explanation, Hippke and Lerned say, is that the FRBs all come from somewhere much closer to home, from a group of objects within the Milky Way that naturally emit shorter-frequency radio waves after higher-frequency ones, with a delay that is a multiple of 187.5
Is this ET? Mystery of strange radio bursts from space

alien contact frb  fast radio bursts signalsOr could these mystery signals from natural electrical activity in an Electric Universe?

FRB from another galaxy confirmation? (Update 22/04/2015)

FRBs (fast radio bursts) are said to have been confirmed or not formed from the planet Earth and are perhaps from a distant galaxy, in this latest research paper.

their findings strongly suggest that fast radio bursts are indeed coming from space. FRB signals look different from perytons, and they appear even when the telescope is pointed away from peryton-producing microwaves. Timing is another dead giveaway: FRBs appear at all times of day, whether or not humans are on site nuking coffee and making Cup Noodles. Perytons, on the other hand, only occur during business hours. “They all peak right around lunchtime,” says Petroff. “So that should have been a red flag.”
Mysterious Radio Bursts Are Indeed Coming From A Galaxy Far, Far Away