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Akashic Records evidence: electric eels

akashic records evidence electric eels zombieAre electric eels evidence of the Akashic Records – knowledge in the Universal Mind that is suggested by some that all life can have access to? Or is it evidence of electromagnetic evolution? Or just normal evolution?

Is this how life including fungus makes zombie ants and electric eels can know how to take control of other life forms that are physically very different from them?

Electric eels stimulate preys nerves

akashic records library information access storage

These experiments leave only one possibility, Dr. Catania said: Electric eels manipulate the nerves that run from a fish’s spinal cord to its muscles. They set off precise spikes of voltage that travel down the nerves, causing the muscles to contract all at once. The pulses are spaced at just the right frequency to cause the fish to quickly become immobilized.
The Surprising Power of an Electric Eel’s Shock

Electric eels and fish evolution or Akashic Records evidence?

Electric fish have independently evolved electric organs that help them to communicate, navigate, hunt, and defend themselves.
The myogenic electric organ has evolved six times in fishes to produce electric fields used in communication, navigation, predation, or defense.
Genomic basis for the convergent evolution of electric organs

electric eels evolution electromagnetic How would it know to make its bodies muscles evolve that way when it would take perhaps millions of years to eventually reach the stage when they could even electrically shock their future intended prey? In water.

Is information/knowledge stored in some form and everything has access to these? Or did the Earth in some form of Gaia theory create these electric eels and fish with that precise plan and knowledge?

Can the knowledge, storage or access to the Akashic Library be explained in an Electric Universe?