active asteroids comet hartley 2

Active asteroids are comets

Active asteroids are comets or, to put it another way, comets are just active asteroids. Or non active comets are just asteroids, as it looks more sexy to be a comet.

Some asteroids suddenly become comets. Some asteroids have had their name changed from an asteroid to a comet!

But a comet only seen as a comet is not an active asteroid?

active asteroids comet hartley 2
Comet Hartley 2 or an active asteroid?

In recent years, though, astronomers have seen that asteroids can suddenly don the appearance of comets, complete with a fuzzy head and a long tail. Astronomers call them main-belt comets, because they exhibit comet like traits but orbit within the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

“It’s hugely shocking that this body that looks like an asteroid is behaving like a comet,” Jewitt says. “It’s a fact, but somehow it’s wrong.”
Astronomers Puzzle Over Newfound Asteroid That Acts Like a Comet

active asteroid comet 67p
Active asteroid 67p or comet 67P?

Why is a comet not an active asteroid?

According to science theories an asteroid is a rocky object but a comet HAS TO BE a dirty snowball or ice mountain. The Electric Universe theory predicted that comets were rocky because … they are just asteroids.

Due to recent images of them as rather rocky or with regolith they are also now being called snowy dirtballs. Comets even need to be hollow or piles of rubble, due to gravity/density calculations!

non active asteroid itokawa
Non active asteroid Itokawa

Physical evidence and especially visual evidence shows them to be similar rocky objects, apart from the active jets and coma.

active asteroids comets theory formation origin nebula wrong failed

Why is a comet not an active asteroid? The reason is that many science theories would have to be seriously questioned if comets are not frozen water objects but are just active asteroids.

Although science will look and modify their theories, without seeming to ever question how come they predict so badly, the real question is what makes asteroids active?

The answer lies in an Electric Universe, with the electrically charged asteroid reacting to the solar systems plasma (electrically charged gas) and perhaps other objects near it. An Electric Universe is the death of a Gravity Universe and all those theories, equations, discoveries, careers, awards, funding and immortality.

So expect comets to remain comets and not active asteroids.

And if comets are active asteroids then what type of asteroid is comet 67P?