Flux Transfer Events FTEs

Flux Transfer Events: AC/DC?

Flux Transfer Events appear to regularly connect planet Earth with the Sun.

Every few minutes there is a massive flow or exchange of power/current from our planet to our plasma star.

Is this a DC circuit?

Flux Transfer Events FTEs THEMIS Earth

FTE’s also seem to connect the other planets including Mercury in our Solar System to the Sun.

Earth’s magnetosphere and the Sun’s magnetic field are constantly pressed against one another on the dayside of Earth. Approximately every eight minutes, these fields briefly merge, forming a temporary “portal” between the Earth and the Sun through which high-energy particles such as solar wind can flow. The portal takes the shape of a magnetic cylinder about the width of Earth. Current observations place the portal at up to 4 times the size of Earth.
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Flux Transfer Events FTEs

Is this an AC circuit?

1027 particles per second were flowing into the magnetosphere — that’s a 1 followed by 27 zeros.
Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field Discovered | NASA

Are Flux Transfer Events (FTE’s) DC but going in opposite directions in an Electromagnetic Universe?

Are planets components in an Electric Universe circuit and parts of them act as electrical transformers?

Flux Transfer Events FTEs Alternating Current AC

the FTE core was elongated in the magnetopause normal (N) direction. Moreover, the THB probe, located on the magnetosheath (shocked solar wind) side of the magnetopause, detected counter-streaming, magnetic-field-aligned beams of heated electrons (Figure 2), probably generated by reconnection; the field lines just outside (magnetosheath side) of the magnetopause were interconnected with geomagnetic field lines on both sides of the FTE. These observations demonstrate that this FTE was generated between two reconnection sites.
2010 THEMIS science nuggets | Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics UCLA

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