AC/DC Electric Universe?

Are the natural electric currents in an Electric Universe AC, DC, AC/DC and/or something else?

Is there technically no such thing as a true steady state Direct Current or flat line DC?

AC/DC EU theory Alternating Current or Direct Current

electricity is the movement of electrons. All matter is made of atoms, and all atoms have electrons.
AC/DC: What's the Difference? | Public Broadcasting Service

Is the flow (or passing along or 'conduction') of stuff just the movement of something - EM energy, force, life, information?

AC/DC Electric Universe

Are these Alternating Currents or Direct Currents or components or circuits in an Electromagnetic Universe?
Alternating Current or Direct Current AC/DC Electric Universe theory

Electric geology

On Earth, current rings formed by the geomagnetic field also display this inductive behavior, developing a severe storm at one leg while doing nothing at the other. It also allows direct current inputs from induction to become alternating currents, as currents in a ring will oscillate as charge stores and discharges in the capacitance of the system.
Eye of the Storm – Part 2 | The Daily Plasma