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The infinite effects of the Gravity or Magnetoelectric Universe?

Electric Plasma Universe

2 of the 4 fundamental forces are suggested to have an infinite range of effect, action at an infinite distance. These are the mysterious Universal Constant forces that are Gravity and the perhaps slightly more understood forces that are electromagnetic in nature. I am a betting man. Sometimes I even like a drunken gamble. There is a difference.

Elegant mathematical model universes

Elegant maths model universes

Are elegant mathematical models of the universe more important than empirical observed modelling of our solar system, galaxies and universe? It’s a beautiful theory: the standard model of cosmology describes the universe using just six parameters. But it is also strange. The model predicts that dark matter and dark energy – two mysterious entities that …

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Magnetic monopoles

magnetic monopole

You can have magnetic monopoles in theory but can you have them in nature, in plasma cosmologies and in Electric Universe theory? As a child, James Pinfold adored magnets. He recalls marveling at the invisible force that clacked the metallic objects together or hurled them apart. Out of curiosity, he once sawed a bar magnet …

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