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List of topics banned from Wikipedia?

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The closest to this is fittingly on Wiki itself mentioning subjects that are forbidden, called List of Wikipedia controversies.

Is there not much on prohibited pages because virtually most subjects are allowed?

Wikipedia censorship discussion and links

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If you know of any other appropriate articles about forbidden Wikipedia topics and pages then comment below or contact the site.

Wikipedia banned Electric Universe (physics)

wikipedia banned forbidden censor topic subject listThe Electric Universe theory is one of the banned Wikipedia topics.

For any subject to be banned from the pages of Wikipedia would seem amazing, considering the list of unusual, the quite bizarre, horrific and radical topics that are permitted on The Free Encyclopedia. But there are scientific, peer reviewed, Wikipedia's NPOV neutral point of view and other Wikipedia logical reasons for the EU theory to not be allowed.

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It would seem that some of the main reasons the Electric Universe (physics) is prohibited because it is a pseudoscience and does not confirm to scientific consensus.

One of the great arguments against Wikipedia is that the celebrated farther of modern science, Galileo Galilei, as so referenced and lauded on his Wikipedia page, went totally against the popular scientific consensus of his time.

Galileo has been called the "father of observational astronomy", the "father of modern physics", and the "father of science".
Galileo Galilei | Wikipedia

Would a Galileo Galilei Wikipedia page have been banned if Wiki was about at that time?

What about the other scientists who at the time were completely against their mainstream science theories? Nicolaus Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Alfred Wegener, Albert Einstein etc.

If you can explain further why the EU is censored on Wikipedia please comment below or contact the site. It would be good to get more information about the reasons for the banning from those who know more about or deeply understand this matter.

EU and Plasma Cosmology censorship?

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The Electric Universe seems to be hitched to Plasma Cosmology, itself a non-standard cosmology theory. If you try to search for Electric Universe theory you will be given the auto suggest search option result of Electric Universe (physics) which redirects to plasma cosmology.

Proponents of Plasma Cosmology have to be careful of what they attempt to add and edit on the site or it and they will be quickly removed and banned. Even having the Physics Nobel Prize winner Hannes Alven, and the father of modern plasma instabilities Anthony Peratt as the proponent of PC does not make it Wikipedia Kosher.

The topic of plasma cosmology is controversial on Wikipedia and the its page use to look like this before it was edited to conform to the Wiki rules.

The EU theory is partly based on plasma cosmology, much to the annoyance of some plasma cosmologist, but plasma cosmology is not the Electric Universe, the same as the EU theory is not plasma cosmology.

Is it the mainstream science industry creating censorship of the alternative theories of the EU and PC or is it just Wikipedia following its rules, the same for other topics?

Electric Universe theory forbidden on Wikipedia

The EU theory page was on Wikipedia before it was removed and banned, there is a copy of the EU theory Wiki page from 2005.

The Wikipedia page Requests for arbitration/Pseudoscience has more information about the Electric Universe banning and those editors involved.

Wikipedia: Mediation Cabal/Cases/2006-02-11 Electric Universe Concept, NPOV clarification

Electric Universe articles such as Electric Universe proponents' predictions regarding Deep Impact have been removed.

How to quickly get yourself banned from Wikipedia


As a lot of Electric Universe theory followers who started to edit pages and create topics on Wikipedia found out, mentioning and external linking to websites or articles that are positive about the EU theory was a very quick and easy way to have all your contributions ethnically cleansed and then you forbidden as an editor.

EU theory investigator and EU book author Ian Tresman was one of those who was banned from Wikipedia for a time but Iantresman is now back in the Wiki fold, with editing restrictions.

Iantresman is topic banned indefinitely from editing any articles or its associated talk pages related to fringe science and physics-related subjects, broadly defined.
User talk:Iantresman | Wikipedia